Orchards – great for Apples and for Wildlife

Our apples come predominantly from three Orchards. One, relatively young located just down the road in North Devon, and a couple of beautiful old Orchards in North Curry in the heart of Somerset Cider Country. All the orchards are traditional orchards, with large standard trees some of which are many decades old. They are all un-sprayed and a haven for wildlife from the bees that pollinate the blossom in the spring to the Mistle thrush that feast on the plentiful mistletoe in the winter. One of them even has a badger sett in.

Here are some great links where you can find out more about why traditional orchards are so important for wildlife, and why you should care where the apples in your cider come from.

Traditional Orchards (Wildlife Trusts)

Traditional Orchards, Wildlife and management (Natural England -PDF) 

Discover your Orchard Wildlife (PTES)

Red Admiral
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Bee on apple blossom