limited editions

Green Man Cider Batch Info

Information on out Limited Edition, bottle conditioned ciders. Each year we select some of our most interesting barrels, maybe blend a couple together and then give them a further secondary fermentation in the bottle. Usually very limited in number (100 to 200 bottles only per batch)
Barrel Number
Year / Number
ApplesApples fromGravity of JuiceDate PressedDate BottledYeastNotes 
19/2100% Morgan SweetVenn Orchard, Landkey, North Devon104826/09/191/02/20Slight, lemony and refreshing - Morgan Sweet is one of the earliest ripening apples in the orchard. sold out
19/K1100% Gros OeilletYoulston104823/11/1912/03/20Wildmedium sweet - bittersweet.sold out
19/3Tremletts Bitter 40% - Sweet Alford 60%Venn Orchard / Chumleigh10503/10/1930/05/20AWRI 350time in the bottle has mellowed the tannins of the Tremletts while retaining a smoky depth.
19/5Major 50% - Ellis Bitter 50%Youlston / Bish Mill105510/10/1914/04/20Saccharomyces
cerevisiae x
Tannic west country apples give this blend a nice firm backbone. Very much not Kopperberg
20/K2100% Gros OeilletYoulston104901/12/2015/03/21wildSlightly drier than the 2019 version - this keeved cider is rich and savoury with soft bitter orange and Calavados notes.
20/6100% Bickington GreyVenn Orchard105130/10/2024/02/21Saccharomyces
cerevisiae x
Lovely balanced cider with gentle acidity and a touch of soft tannin - too drinkable!