Discover the secret of the mysterious mazzard.

Certain fruits such as sloes and damsons make a wonderful drink if infused in gin. Mazzard gin liqueur is even better!

In the reign of Elizabeth, at the time of the Spanish Armada, the Town Clerk of Barnstaple records that there were cherries and mazzards for sale in Barnstaple’s Market. At the time of the Civil War mazzard pie was offered to royalty at Tawstock Court. The village of Goodleigh near Barnstaple had mazzard feasts, and early tourists were offered mazzards as a treat. Then these delicious sweet small black cherries disappeared, recalled by old people as one of the culinary delights of their childhood.

Mazzards were grown in abundance in a small area to the east of Barnstaple. The fruit was grown on huge high trees, beautiful at blossom time but dangerous to pick. The crop could be ravaged by birds; some years the crop failed and other years there was a glut. No wonder that mazzards didn’t fit into modern farming and that the orchards disappeared.

But today, by planting and maintaining a mazzard orchard and  ensuring that this unique and special taste is preserved and celebrated we are keeping the tradition alive .  So treat yourself to the World’s only mazzard gin. With its dark ruby colour and rich cherry flavour it makes an excellent aperitif or digestif. For an exceptional treat try it in sparkling wine as ‘Landkey Royale’.

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